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About Me – Wedding Ideas and Band Hire

What am I doing here?

Whilst running my wedding entertainment company ‘The Band Boutique’, visiting wedding fairs and scouring the web, I have spotted lots of fantastic wedding ideas, and I feel obliged to share them with the world! Hopefully they will inspire everyone else as much as they have inspired me.

What is ‘Wedding Reception Ideas’?

Wedding is my website which is dedicated to helping couples make their wedding day something special.  We have a variety of themes which are constantly being updated, from ‘Vintage Tea Party’ to ‘Winter Wonderland’. I try to find fitting quirky companies and DIY ideas that will give their day that little something extra.


A Bit about ‘The Band Boutique’

'Tula and The Tom Cats' 1920's Jazz Band

'Tula and The Tom Cats' 1920's Jazz Band

I also run a wedding entertainment agency called ‘The Band Boutique’ which you can find at Our aim is to find the perfect band or performer for each couple that come to us. Whether the theme of the reception is ‘Country Wedding’, ‘Vintage Tea Party’ or simply ‘Traditional’ we endeavour to hand pick something that will delight guests as well as giving the happy couple a performance to remember. From Harpists to Parisian Gypsy  Jazz, Rock Bands to String Quartet’s, The Band Boutique will definitely have something that floats your boat!

'The Old Time String Ensemble'

'The Old Time String Ensemble'

How did it all start?

The Band Boutique was born out of a love for live music, boredom of the typical 9 – 5 and a happy coincidence that I lived with a band!

18 months ago, I was living in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend and his band mates. I was struggling to come to terms with the fact that I was working a full time job, and they were able to get by doing what they loved to do.  I decided to jump on the ‘band wagon’ (as it were) and started helping out, working as an agent for their Wedding Band ‘Mister Kanish’. 

Paula - Harpist

Paula - Harpist

It soon dawned on me that with a bit of effort I could make a living working as a function band agent for other bands. And if it meant spending my time going to wedding fairs and looking at lots of pretty things then I was in! So I forced my boyfriend to make me a website (which has now somehow resulted in the business being a partnership!), got Vistaprint to send me some business cards, et voila, here we are today! was the result of a brainstorming business lunch.  We were getting lots of function bands who wanted to appear on our books, the only problem was that they all did virtually the same thing.  After receiving an email from a ‘Parisian Gypsy Jazz Band’ I was convinced that this was the kind of thing we should have more of. Quirky bands that were a bit different from the norm and that could really add to the theme of an event. 

'Belle' Parisian Gypsy Jazz Band

'Belle' Parisian Gypsy Jazz Band

To promote this new ‘Theme’ idea we decided to start a new website, which would have an abundance of information, all in one place, divulging how to carry off specific themes. We could then feature our specialist bands on the related page.

I happily got to work researching wedding themes and you can see the result at


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