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Have a gawk at this!

Hurrah! I have finally managed to get some photos of my fantastic function bands onto Wedding Gawker. You can check out my (small but perfectly formed) gallery by clicking the badge below!

my weddinggawker gallery
If you haven’t stumbled across Wedding Gawker yet, my word are you in for a treat! It’s full to the brim with fantastic wedding ideas from all over the web. You can search for wedding specifics and it’s better than Googling it because you know for sure that everything on there is going to be absolutely beautiful. And there’s even an app for it! Wedding planning heaven!

Alternative Wedding Entertainment

So, you need entertainment for your wedding reception, but you don’t want a cheesy wedding band or DJ? Check out some of the options below.

Indie/Rock Band

Wedding Reception Entertainment - New skin

If you’re tired of hearing cheesey songs at weddings and would rather hear some up to date music such as The Kings of Leon or The Foo Fighters, why not consider an indie/rock band. There are loads of great options to suit all budgets hereNew Skin and Mister Kanish would both fit the bill particularly well

Vintage Bands

50's style band

Vintage wedding receptions are very popular at the moment, partially because they are so versatile! But which era do you go for? Whatever era you decide on The Band Boutique have got a fab act to fit with your theme. Check them out at The Band Boutiques website.

For the 1920’s – Tula and the Tomcats

1930’s Gypsy Jazz – Belle

For the 1950’s – Lipstick on His Collar

Old American Deep South Music – The Lovestruck Cowboys

Vintage Tea Party – The Old Time String Ensemble

Kitch and 80’s – Jason and the Organ-auts



If you really want to avoid cheeseyness hiring a classical band or performer could be the way to go. There’s lots of options though, pianists, harpists, string quartets, classic guitar. Even a classical opera singer. You can have a browse here.

Big Band

To make a real statement why not hire a large band made up of 7 or more people. Check out Brighton Soul, a fantastic 8 piece soul band, or LTD featuring pop hits from the 60’s to today.

Tribute Bands

If there’s a particular band you like this can be a great way to get everyone singing along to your favourite songs. Have a look here to see some great tribute acts. We particularly like the Blues Brothers Tribute who come with a 14 piece band and not only play music, but strive to entertain with a capital E!

Something to surprise your guests

Drop Dead Freddy

Drop Dead Freddy are a band which perform all the classics, dressed as dead rock and pop stars!  Ever wondered what Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Freddy Mercury, Paul Gray (Slipknot) and Eric Carr (Kiss) have been doing with their time? Apparentely they’ve started one of the South of the UKs best function bands. These five talented individuals play a fantastic range of rock and pop from the 50’s to today including some of the greatest sing-a-long and dance songs of modern times.

If you have a specific idea in mind why not email, and they should be able to find what you are looking for.

Royal Wedding Entertainment

Just a short blog today, provided by Chris from ‘The Band Boutique’…

‘As we supply entertainment for weddings I thought I’d have a look to see what sort of entertainment Will and Kate were going to have tomorrow and was pleasantly surprised. I had heard rumours of Elton John, Beyonce and James Blunt but in my opinion the act they have picked is even more amazing. With a lot of couples going for something alternative and different for their entertainment I thought it was awesome to find out that jazz and lounge cover band, Richard Cheese, were playing at the royal reception.

For those of you who don’t know who Richard Cheese is here is a picture…

Richard Cheese Royal Wedding Band

Nope I wouldn’t recognise them either but as a teen I used to listen to their lounge and jazz versions of some of my favourite heavy metal and rock songs. The bands full name are Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine (this is a play on Christmas number one stealing awesome rockers Rage Against The Machine).

They have covered such metal hits as Getting Down With the Sickness by Disturbed and Welcome To The Jungle by Guns ‘n’ Roses. The band is scheduled to entertain at Buckingham Palace during the “cocktail hour,” while guests arrive for the reception and dinner. This should be around 1:00PM (GMT), after the wedding ceremony has concluded.

Apparently, one of Prince William’s friends recommended the band for the reception, and the bride and groom agreed to the suggestion.

The band are planning to record and release a live album of the songs they play during the reception.

Keep an eye out and see if you can see the queen getting down to this…’

Click here for some entertainment ideas for your wedding.

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