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Pedro and Gemmas Rustic Vintage wedding

On Saturday 25th of June, Chris and I attended Pedro and Gemma’s wedding. Held in a beautiful barn in Sherborne, the location was stunning, but it was really the little touches that made the day! Check out the photos to see the home made vodka stand, picture frame photo opportunities, hand made favours and a […]

DIY Wedding Kit #7 Origami Cranes – a symbol of patience and trust

Origami Crane

Origami Crane

Origami cranes not only look beautiful, but also hold great meaning in the institution of marriage.

It is an ancient Japanese tradition for the bride and groom to fold 1000 cranes to symbolise  their patience and trust – necesary to sustain a happy marriage. This process is called sembazuru and the tradition itself is called Tsuru wa sennen. A couple who could weather the long, time intensive folding process together, supporting each other, talking with each other for weeks while taking on a challenging task was proving their ability to maintain a long term, content relationship.

You can find the instructions on how to fold the crane here.

But once you’ve finished your 1000 cranes, what do you do with them? Well, I have found some weddings which took this simple and inexpensive idea, and used it to decorate their venues with stunning effect. Check out the wedding pictures below.

Take a look at this Japanese themed wedding, they suspended cranes on string and captured them in glass jars!

This Bride folded 1001 cranes in a rainbow of colours which were then suspended above the ceremony.

This couple went for all white cranes and displayed them as a backdrop to their ceremony. It looks absolutely breathtaking!

This couple used patterned paper for their cranes, and hung them on their table centrepieces which were mini trees. How cute!

If you have the time to spare and are trying to avoid buying or renting expensive decor, why not give this a go!?

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Here is a perfect idea for a wedding speech donated by my mum (originally written for my grandparents 50th anniversary). How is marriage like making a wedding cake? Read on to find out…

“Firstly, you have to find the right ingredients, which is a bit like finding the right partner. Some mixed fruit is better than others, somebeing plumper, tastier or perhaps just wrapped in a prettier packet!

Then, like a relationship, you’ll need exactly the right amount of sugar, not too much or it will get a bit sickly.

Once you are married (or for these purposes, once the cake is cooked), add the alcohol on a regular basis. Then wrap it up well and keep it safe!

The layer of marzipanwill increase the size of your cake slightly, just as the years may do to your figure but things are now beginning to take shape.

The icing will be applied in several layers to cover the lumpy bits and to fill the cracks that may have appeared! After a while, it mayeven get a bit crusty – a tough exterior– but still soft inside.

Finally, decorate with flowers and ribbons. Then transport carefully, being careful not to break it,– a bit like the human body.

Add some gold and sparkle for appearance. There you have it, a wedding cake, or for my purposes …(insert couples names) 50 years down the line.”

Written by Gillian Bailey

As well as being used as part of a speech this could also be used in a wedding card to the couple.

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DIY Wedding Kit #6 Origami Butterflies

Are you having a wedding with a Butterfly theme? Here’s a great cheap way of decorating your venue or an idea for DIY favours.

Origami butterflies!

origami butterfly 1

origami butterfly 2

Traditionally origami butterflies often appear at Japanese weddings. The Butterflies are known as “Mecho” and “Ocho” and usually adorn sake wine bottles during the ceremony. A central part of the Japanese wedding ceremony is the “three times three” sips of sake taken by the bride and the groom alternately. Although no one is sure exactly what the original “Mecho” and “Ocho” symbolised, it is safe to say that they are now a recognisable tradition of the Japanese wedding, and therefore denote love, union, and even friendship.

I bought the beautiful origami paper on ebay, it cost me £1.95 for 20 sheets but I’m sure you could get it cheaper if you were buying it in bulk.

Check out how to fold it at this website.

Want to see how you can use origami to make your wedding beautiful? Take a look at how  this couple  made a huge impact at their wedding with an abundance of origami cranes.  My next DIY will be how to fold origami cranes, so subscribe to my blog if you would like to keep up to date.

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DIY Wedding Kit #5 Personalised Wine Bottles

This idea originally came from my mum, who always likes to make a good impression with her gifts and often surprises people with their very own personalised wine!  I have known her to make them for birthdays, as thankyou’s and even as a welcome present for guests staying at her holiday home in Dunster. (The house is an old police cottage and each bottle has a policeman label! You can visit the website for the old police cottage at

Needless to say this project is very versatile. You can use personalised wine bottles as decoration on each table,  mini personalised wine bottles as  favours for your guests to take home, or if you are a guest yourself you can make one as a gift especially for the happy couple.

You can do this quickly to create multiple labels on the computer, or you can get a bit more crafty and make it by hand using stamps and patterned paper. Here are a few examples of what you can do.





So there you have it! I would suggest that you leave the back label on so that people can see what they are drinking, but other than that you can really create whatever you want.

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Planning for a Wedding – How to decide on your perfect theme

Todays post will give you some ideas on how to decide on a wedding theme which is personal to you and your other half.

When planning a wedding it is very easy to get bogged down in organising all of the things that you are expected to have, rather than concentrating on what you actually want. It’s your big day so you should be able to have whatever you desire, and that doesn’t necessarily mean following tradition!

The most important thing about a wedding is that it represents you and your partner, so lets get to work on choosing your theme…

1. First of all you both need to write a list of your interests separately. These can be as mundane or as silly as you like. Perhaps they are things you have done a million times before, or perhaps you have only done them once but really enjoyed it. Let’s use John and Susan as an example.

Going to the pub
Watching Movies

Wine and cheese evenings

2. Next, write down some things that you take an interest in together, or things that you have done together that define your relationship. This could be places you have been or hobbies you enjoy. You could even take inspiration from where the proposal was made.

John and Susan

Going out for meals
Watching old movies
Going to open air cinemas
Going for walks
Proposal in Paris

3. So now you should have a page full of your combined personalities. Jot down the things which appear most in your list, as well as the things that are most important to you both. Let’s have a look and see what we can do with John and Susan’s.

John and Susan have a shared interest in food, and Susan likes wine and cheese. John proposed in Paris, and France is famous for it’s food and wine. So lets work on the basis that we are going to have a wedding loosely based on a French theme. They both like watching movies and even going to open air cinemas. Perhaps there is a particular French film we can take inspiration from?

4. Now we just need to bring it all together and come up with some more specific ideas. Write a list of things you need to consider, you can start with the list below.

– Colour Scheme
– Wedding Invites
– The Dress
– Music and Entertainment
– Decoration
– Favours
– Food
– Drinks
– Table Plan Themes
– The Cake

Take a look on the internet for inspiration. Just type in your key words and there will be a whole host of images waiting to inspire you.

So, what did we end up with for John and Susan?

A Vintage Parisian Inspired Wedding

Colour Scheme -Select muted tones to capture the ‘Old Paris’ feel. – Browns and    Creams with an accent of black.
Wedding Invites – Make Save the date cards (or invitations) in the form of vintage Parisian postcards.
The Dress – Go for a classic style dress. Take inspiration from the French movies or buy authentic vintage.
– Accessorize with lace.
Music and Entertainment – Hire a Parisian Gypsy Jazz band to play while the guests mingle. (Click the picture below to browse potential bands.)

Belle wedding reception entertainment

'Belle' Parisian Gypsy Jazz Band

Decoration – Incorporate vintage maps of France into the decor.
– Pretty it up with flowers and frills.
– Go down the ‘travel’ route and include vintage suitcases as well as luggage tags and plane/train tickets.
Favours – Mini Cheeses
– Mini Wines
– Macaroons
– Sachets of Lavender
Food – Serve bread, cured meats, olives and sundried tomatoes.
-Hire a Crepe van
Drinks – Provide bottles of wine on each table with personalised labels. (Click here to see how)
Table Plan Themes – There are loads of options here. Two of my favourites are Famous French landmarks, or types of French Cheese.
The Cake – Instead of a wedding cake have a wedding cheese.

So there you have it! How to create a wedding plan in a few hours. If you’re still stuck you can post your lists as a comment and I will give you some ideas. Perhaps other people could share some of their own ideas for you too!

DIY Wedding Kit #4 Personalised Fortune Teller Favours

Here’s a great idea to keep your guests entertained before dinner. Personalised fortune tellers!


So, all you really need to know is how to fold it, then we can get creative!

 fold 1fold 2fold 3fold 4fold 5

How to make it

  • First you need to make your piece 0f paper square. To do this fold the corner across as in pic 1 and then cut off the excess rectangle of paper.
  • Next fold your piece of paper in half in the other direction. You should now have a square piece of paper that has 4 triangles on it.
  • Now turn the paper so that it is curing upwards, rather than sitting like a pyramid. Fold each corner into the centre. You will now have a smaller square with 8 triangles on it.
  • Turn the paper over, this side should look like it had 4 squares on it. Now fold each corner into the centre again. When you’re done it should look like a square with 8 triangles on it again.

Vintage inspired LOVE themed fortune teller

So here’s a couple of ideas what you can do with them. First of all is a ‘Love’ themed fortune teller. Perfect for revealing little facts about the couple. Scroll past the pictures to find out how I made it.

Wedding Fortune Teller

 Loveteller loveteller2

To make this cute, vintage inspired fortune teller you will need;

  • A piece of coloured paper
  • A piece of floral patterned paper
  • ‘Love’ sequins
  • An old dressmaking pattern

First off I cut my floral paper slightly smaller than my plain square, then i stuck it down in the centre with glue. Next I folded my paper into the fortune teller, when I was done I stuck on my little ‘Love’ sequins. I then cut out numbers from an old dressmaking pattern (you may want to photocopy these if you are making lots!). You can write whatever you like on the inside, but I would suggest little facts about the couple would be a sweet way to let your guests know a little more about them.

‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ Fortune Teller

Here is a bonkers idea perfect for a mad hatters tea party!




 To make this Alice in Wonderland themed fortune teller you will need;

Here is a slightly less time consuming way to make a fortune teller. Simply fill in the blanks on the template and print off! The one I have made has the words ‘I DO’ on the outside, and the options on the inside flaps spell out ‘Why is a raven like a writing desk?’ – the famous Mad hatter riddle that never had an answer! Alternatively you could write riddles on these, then write the answers on the inside. Below are some ideas for riddles that may be fitting for the occasion.

Q. I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all, To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball. What am I?

A. The Future

Q. If you break me I do not stop working,If you touch meI may be snared,If you lose me nothing will matter.

A. Your Heart

Q. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and has T in it?

A. A teapot

Q. A mile from end to end, yet as close to as a friend. A precious commodity, freely given. Seen on the dead and on the living. Found on the rich, poor, short and tall, but shared among children most of all. What is it?

A. A smile

Q. Two words is my answer. In order to keep me, you have to give me. What am I?

A. Your word

Q. What holds two people together but touches only one?

A. A wedding ring

Q. I go in dry and come out wet, The longer I’m in, the stronger I get. What am I?

A. A tea bag

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