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Here is a perfect idea for a wedding speech donated by my mum (originally written for my grandparents 50th anniversary). How is marriage like making a wedding cake? Read on to find out…

“Firstly, you have to find the right ingredients, which is a bit like finding the right partner. Some mixed fruit is better than others, somebeing plumper, tastier or perhaps just wrapped in a prettier packet!

Then, like a relationship, you’ll need exactly the right amount of sugar, not too much or it will get a bit sickly.

Once you are married (or for these purposes, once the cake is cooked), add the alcohol on a regular basis. Then wrap it up well and keep it safe!

The layer of marzipanwill increase the size of your cake slightly, just as the years may do to your figure but things are now beginning to take shape.

The icing will be applied in several layers to cover the lumpy bits and to fill the cracks that may have appeared! After a while, it mayeven get a bit crusty – a tough exterior– but still soft inside.

Finally, decorate with flowers and ribbons. Then transport carefully, being careful not to break it,– a bit like the human body.

Add some gold and sparkle for appearance. There you have it, a wedding cake, or for my purposes …(insert couples names) 50 years down the line.”

Written by Gillian Bailey

As well as being used as part of a speech this could also be used in a wedding card to the couple.

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DIY Wedding Kit #6 Origami Butterflies

Are you having a wedding with a Butterfly theme? Here’s a great cheap way of decorating your venue or an idea for DIY favours.

Origami butterflies!

origami butterfly 1

origami butterfly 2

Traditionally origami butterflies often appear at Japanese weddings. The Butterflies are known as “Mecho” and “Ocho” and usually adorn sake wine bottles during the ceremony. A central part of the Japanese wedding ceremony is the “three times three” sips of sake taken by the bride and the groom alternately. Although no one is sure exactly what the original “Mecho” and “Ocho” symbolised, it is safe to say that they are now a recognisable tradition of the Japanese wedding, and therefore denote love, union, and even friendship.

I bought the beautiful origami paper on ebay, it cost me £1.95 for 20 sheets but I’m sure you could get it cheaper if you were buying it in bulk.

Check out how to fold it at this website.

Want to see how you can use origami to make your wedding beautiful? Take a look at how  this couple  made a huge impact at their wedding with an abundance of origami cranes.  My next DIY will be how to fold origami cranes, so subscribe to my blog if you would like to keep up to date.

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The Best Entertainment For a Vintage Themed Wedding

Fancy having a quirky band at your reception to fit with your vintage theme? Take a look at my top picks below. If you want to find out more about the band and how to book, just click their picture.

20's style wedding band

Tula and the Tomcats

For the 1920’s Wedding…

Tula and the Tomcats!

This band captures the heart of the Roaring 20’s with their fun loving, mischievous performance. With a voice like thunder and treacle Tula fronts the band, playing Jazz that will get you dancing like cats on a hot tin roof!

50's Style band

Lipstick on His Collar

For the 50’s/60’s Wedding…

Lipstick On His Collar

This band are an exciting 50’s/60’s showband specialising in bringing the classic pop hits from the Golden Era of music back to life. With authentic costumes to add to the sense of occasion, this bands hallmarks are strong vocals, tight harmonies and an infectious sense of fun!

The Old Time String Ensemble

The Old Time String Ensemble

Perfect for a vintage tea party…

The Old Time String Ensemble

This Vintage String Band resurrect the beautiful music of a bygone era. Swapping between a range of stringed instruments, they play a mixture of songs with an emphasis on popular Blues, Jazz and Country standards from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.


'Belle' Parisian Gypsy Jazz Band

Belle Parisian Gypsy Jazz Band

From 1930’s Parisian Gypsy jazz to Bee-bop, this band will bring a fantastical quirkiness to any event. If you require mellow background ballads to accompany dinner or lively show stopping swing to fill the dance floor Belle can deliver! This band would be perfect for a vintage themed wedding or gathering.

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